Food for thought: a look at memory-boosting foods

A bad memory can affect many aspects of our lives, from confusing and irritating us to upsetting those around us, as people can often mistake not remembering for not caring, especially when birthdays are concerned!

If you’re interested in what you can do to help keep your memory sharp, you may find our round-up of memory-boosting foods interesting.

1)      Nuts
Don’t wait until next Christmas to bring out the nutcracker! A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found a link between decreasing levels of vitamin E and an increasingly poor memory. The good news? Nuts are brimming with vitamin E, so include them in a balanced diet (in moderation) and give your levels a top-up.

2)      Broccoli
It’s the foodstuff you’re likely to find in everyone’s freezer, but did you know this vegetable could help your cognitive function and boost your brainpower? It’s all thanks to the vitamin K broccoli contains. This study from the Neurobiology of Aging journal links vitamin K with good verbal episodic memory – referring to the memory of events within the context of their time and space. Pass the veg steamer!

3)      Oily fish
We need to eat foods containing essential fatty acids (EFAs) as our bodies cannot create them naturally, and oily fish is a wonderful source of these ‘good fats’. A very exciting study, discussed here by the Huffington Post and published in the journal Neurology, has also found that eating more oily fish can actually increase brain size in later life and might help prevent mental decline related to age.

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How to: Create the perfect centrepiece for your summer gathering

The imminent arrival of summer has inspired a lot of creativity in the Daxon office, from trying new clothing styles to finding new hobbies that will make the most of those longer evenings; but there’s one part of summer we’re all particularly looking forward to…

Throwing a summer gathering is the perfect way to welcome in the warmer weather, and we can’t wait. If you’ve got the hosting bug like us, why not gather your friends together, start planning some delicious dishes and be inspired by the wonderful ideas we’ve collected for creating summer’s most beautiful centrepieces:

1) Seasonal produce celebration – and it’s a starter !
This colourful display looks fabulously rustic, and you can forget about waste as guests can tuck in, too!
Simply choose a selection of seasonal veg; think carrots, radishes, purple sprouting broccoli – the more colourful the better!
Arrange them in any way you want. We love the use of the metal planter in this take on the display. Serve with any dips you fancy.

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Good fitting clothing – the secret to looking great


Our guide to telling if something fits correctly

Telling whether something fits may seem obvious, but it’s incredibly common to settle for a so-so fit. The thing to bear in mind is that even if an item isn’t over-stretched or gaping, it’s not necessarily a good fit. Here we highlight the ways to tell that you’ve met your perfect match, from jackets and trousers to dresses and bras. Don’t feel limited by what’s available on the high street; Daxon’s ladieswear range has a choice of hip, calf and bust sizes, giving you the means to make sure each and every item is flattering and fabulous.

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Try Something New: Makeup Must-Trys

Here we are in sunny April, and those resolutions we made at the beginning of the year have likely been forgotten along with the frosty weather and dark mornings. So, with no list of (often rather far-fetched) lifestyle changes to spur us on, we understand that it can be all too easy to settle into those dreaded ruts.

But now it’s time to shake things up!

Over the course of our monthly ‘Try Something New’ posts, we aim to inform and inspire you to refresh an aspect of your life, be it your makeup bag or your fitness levels. So sit back, relax and (hopefully) be inspired…

This month, we focus on the mature skin-loving makeup products you need to try.

First up, it’s lip gloss. As we age our lips can become thinner, making darker lipsticks a little less flattering then they once might have been. Fear not though; lip gloss’s light-reflecting properties make lips look fuller and more luscious. What’s more, the subtle washes of colour that lip glosses offer are much more season-appropriate than heavy, highly-pigmented lipsticks.

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It’s time for our Mother’s Day giveaway…..


We want to treat one lucky winner to their favourite Daxon product. For the opportunity to win a product worth up to £100, Choose a favourite product which you would like to win from the Daxon website worth upto £100 and post the product on Daxon Facebook and comment why you’re interested the product.

Competition ends midnight on Sunday 30th March.

For more details visit Daxon Facebook page

†T&Cs can be found in the notes section on our Facebook page.

Good luck!

Our Fantastic New Basic Collection

Our new Basic Collection is a great way to build up your wardrobe. Choose a few key items and you’ll have plenty of truly versatile and stylish outfits at hand.

This t-shirt is a gorgeous choice for spring and summer. Stripes creative a carefree summer look that impresses every time. This t-shirt can be matched with any solid coloured trousers or skirt in your wardrobe, and it’s beautiful details bring a stylish touch to a basic t-shirt. The tied waist creates a flattering shape, and the scoop neckline and cap sleeves are lovely finishes to this pretty item.


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Tips for Dating in your 50′s

Dating_In_Your_50sEntering the dating world can be a daunting prospect at any time in your life, but especially if you haven’t had a date with someone new for a good while. We think that the best tip of all is simply to try and enjoy yourself. Dress up, get out there and just delight in getting to know someone. Even if it doesn’t work out romantically, you will still have had a good experience and will be all the more prepared to meet that special someone next time.

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Warming Ladies Knitwear for Winter


Here at Daxon, we have a gorgeous range of jumpers for ladies, which will keep you snug and warm throughout the deep chill of winter. Whether you need something lightweight and smart, or chunky and casual, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in our ladies knitwear collection.

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